Upcoming Event: Nocturnity: The New Alternative

Welcome back to Nocturnity where we are always bringing you the best nightlife entertainment in austin! Come drink, dance, mingle, and enjoy all the beauty the night has to offer. Music by DJ Ravnos and Nephri Dancing by the Blood Sirens Vendors V.I.P. area with complementary refreshments provided. $5 21+ $7 under 21 VIP Members: $3 21+ $5 Under 21

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Nocturnity is an event group dedicated to one simple idea…bringing Goth back to life. Or Un-Life as the case may be. We at Nocturnity believe that for too long Gothic culture has been segregated into too many “scenes”. Here at Nocturnity there is no restriction, no “scene”, no need to fit in. To put it very simply ladies and gentleman…We have a dream! To embrace the true ideals of Gothic culture; Free expression, the unlimited, unrestricted pursuit of all things dark, artistic, obscure, strange, and the ability to share what we find with a group of friends that don’t all look the same, walk and talk the same and skip to the same “scene” beat, but instead free thinking people that embrace these ideals and express themselves for whoever and whatever they are.